Sprout Communication: Part 1

Plant new seeds of possibility


This self-paced experience will introduce you to the world of alternative communication. By teaching your student how to purposefully point between a field of 26 letters, we open their world up to limitless possibilities. In this introduction, we will set the stage for future work toward open communication. We break each step down into bite sized pieces, to ensure you take one balanced step at a time.

This is an ideal course to take before you fully invest in the journey of communication. We are here to hold your hand, each step of the way.

Your Instructor

Julie Sando
Julie Sando

Julie Sando received her BA in Communication from CLU in 2000 and has 20-years of experience working with children and adults on the autism spectrum. She is the Director of Autistically Inclined and a Co-Creator of Natural Play Therapy. She also recieved a Certificate in Assistive Technology through CSUN. Over the past several years she has dedicated much of her attention to students who communicate through letter boards and other forms of alternative communication. Her focus is creating natural experiences to bring the whole family and community together.

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