Grow Connection: Part 2

Cultivate A Playful Foundation


Our Grow Connection Course is an introduction to the principles of Natural Play Therapy and an opportunity to connect with a supportive community through our online platform. These self-paced materials will help you nourish your connection as you learn more about bringing more play and less pressure into your family's lives!

Your Instructor

Julie A. Sando
Julie A. Sando

Julie knew autism was her path when she met one boy with autism in 1998. With experience in, ABA, The Son-Rise Program, and many other approaches, she freed her self from the world of rules by creating a program that focuses on individuality. Natural Play Therapy was created out of love, respect, and reality. She encourages everyone to keep it real. She founded Autistically Inclined in 2008 and has been helping families world-wide for nearly two decades.

Course Curriculum

This course is closed for enrollment.