Grow Communication: Part 2

Laying A Solid Foundation For 26 Letters


Grow CommunicationThis self-paced experience will inspire your mindset while rooting you with a solid foundation. This foundation will make the biggest impact when introducing alternative forms of communication in your next step: Our Flourish Communication Course.

In our Grow Communication course, we offer flexibility with our self-paced course materials and you will start to form a sense of community through our online commenting system. We will ease you into the next steps toward Flourishing Communication.

In this course we will share resources and stories to help you learn what you need to know before starting your communication journey. You will see examples. You will hear from students who communicate through spelling! We have compiled and created inspiring resources to get you on your way!

We will teach you important skills for being a conscientious regulation partner. We will teach you how to utilize prompts in your day to day life... the same prompts you will use in your future communication sessions can be applied in life! This course will focus on applying these principles in life!

This way you can get a taste for what we do, without investing in the time and financial commitment that alternative communication requires. You can apply these principles toward helping your student become more purposeful, and less impulsive!

You will receive life-time access to a private platform with course materials and a private commenting system with your classmates.

This is an ideal course to take before you invest in communication boards. We will give you impactful tools to work on before introducing communication devices.

Your Instructor

Julie Sando
Julie Sando

Julie Sando received her BA in Communication from CLU in 2000 and has 20-years of experience working with children and adults on the autism spectrum. She is the Director of Autistically Inclined and a Co-Creator of Natural Play Therapy. She also recieved a Certificate in Assistive Technology through CSUN. Over the past several years she has dedicated much of her attention to students who communicate through letter boards and other forms of alternative communication. Her focus is creating natural experiences to bring the whole family and community together.

Course Curriculum

We are excited to GROW on this journey with you!


This course is closed for enrollment.